"Everything You Need to on a

Making music with someone in another state or country isn't simple. Keep these tips in mind and you'll have an easier time.
By Kris Wouk
Nov 28, 2020"


/e/ OS - drop in replacement for , complete with easy installer program for windows that installs it on .


/e/ os - a "de-googled" from the originator of Mandrake Linux - famous for popularising the easy boot-disk installer/demo version of Linux with a KDE desktop. It popularised Linux.

Here he is again, this time with Android - popularising the open source software, making it accessible and easy to use for the everyday user.


@eimear_burke Hi Eimear - good to see you here. Congrats on your new position and responsibilities. I hope it's all going well for you and that your bees thrive. 🐝

Welcome to the curious checking this instance out. What do you think - is it easy to use?

Five eyes countries' security agencies declare "war" on vaccine information spread by "foreign states". I'm still waiting for my cheque from putin.


Made a few simple graphics, created w00t admin user account, which is automatically followed by new subscribers. Registration is restricted to admin or moderator approval, so no spam or randomers - friends and friends of friends.

I'm about to send out some invitations. Welcome, tribe; either just to try this web 3.0 setup, or stay awhile and enjoy the free gaff.

Excellent and thorough article on the transition to distrubuted social networks using ActivityPub, such as Mastodon, being the community solution to corporate social medial


So I think there's an opporutnity for tribes and communities of interest to come off Facebook and other corporate social media together, making their own tribe first and then federating out from there. More mycellium network than walled private city.

The nice thing is that the tech is there and largely ready. Just needs you and your friends, your colleagues; your tribe to populate the networked villages of the fediverse. We could even trade in crypto. Which group will you make or join?

Why 500 people? Well, Dunbar's number of 150 is too small. 500 is the average number of people in someone's extended circle. Your "tribe".

Keeping instances down to 500 and then federating with like-minded communities avoids many problems of scale, complexity and resource use for each group. Makes it manageable and affordable - and sociable.

Under 500 means little local anonymity and any bad actors are quickly recognised and identified in the community. Plus no ads, spying or nudging.

I've set up this mastadon instance - freegaff.club - as a means of leaving corporate social media and into the open source, web 3.0 fediverse.

I'll be leaving Facebook in January after years searching for a viable alternative. I think fediverse apps like Mastadon are that solution, rather than yet another web 2.0 private data silo like MeWe.

Here's how it goes. Create your own Mastodon or other ActivityPub-complient app, fill it full of 500 friends*, then federate!


Free Gaff - Mastodon social media instance, 500 members max, federated on ActivityPub

Free Gaff. No Spies, no ads, no bother.