So I think there's an opporutnity for tribes and communities of interest to come off Facebook and other corporate social media together, making their own tribe first and then federating out from there. More mycellium network than walled private city.

The nice thing is that the tech is there and largely ready. Just needs you and your friends, your colleagues; your tribe to populate the networked villages of the fediverse. We could even trade in crypto. Which group will you make or join?

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@mark Great idea. I’m just concerned that people might not understand how federation works and how to take advantage of it. I consider myself a tech savvy user, but I still haven’t figured out the easiest way to make the best use of Mastodon. It’s been a while since I researched it, so are there any new guides to help?

@Gadget_Coma I've just got admin on this instance here and am learning. I have a past life in IT, so know the ropes with apps and servers. I've not tried federation yet, still researching a TOS and standards template. Is it tricky?What issues have you encountered?

I confess I'd be happier if there were peer to peer encryption involved in the federating data. Atm it's all public, twitter style.

@mark Sorry, I was speaking purely from a user perspective. I have no experience with the server side.

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