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Making music with someone in another state or country isn't simple. Keep these tips in mind and you'll have an easier time.
By Kris Wouk
Nov 28, 2020"


/e/ OS - drop in replacement for , complete with easy installer program for windows that installs it on .


/e/ os - a "de-googled" from the originator of Mandrake Linux - famous for popularising the easy boot-disk installer/demo version of Linux with a KDE desktop. It popularised Linux.

Here he is again, this time with Android - popularising the open source software, making it accessible and easy to use for the everyday user.


@eimear_burke Hi Eimear - good to see you here. Congrats on your new position and responsibilities. I hope it's all going well for you and that your bees thrive. 🐝

Welcome to the curious checking this instance out. What do you think - is it easy to use?

@mastohost Exactly - that would be good to know for the sole traders, practitioners and publishers who currently connect with their audience using these media, that they can do this via mastadon too.

Specialised instances as "places" for writers, artists, performers could be anchored to actual places, like venues, publishers or studios which you could "visit" and subscribe to.

This may even exist already. I've yet to explore the federation aspect of the setup. Thanks again for your help.

@mastohost A lot of people stay on facebook, insta "for business" (including myself). Sole traders sharing expertise or making things to be sold, or who have channels to which you can subscribe - how can they easily add and the to the list of media available for ?

@mastohost If you wanted to make the fediverse another conduit for content alongside Insta, FB, YouTube, Twitter, Discord etc, how would an existing content provider who currently shares on all of these media go about also making their posts available across ActivityPub in a subscribable form?

@mastohost One more question - can you implement TOR network access to mastodon instances?

@karmen_kegl Thanks Karmen, I'm just finding my way with this myself. There may be as-yet-undiscovered snags but the Mastodon app is mature and has lots of clients on all platforms, including mobile. Just needs people now.

I am still concerned about the clear-text nature of federated content, so privacy is still an issue, treat all toots as public, although you can limit your toots to the local server too using privacy controls.

Five eyes countries' security agencies declare "war" on vaccine information spread by "foreign states". I'm still waiting for my cheque from putin.


@mastohost New users coming in on an invite link to not automatically follow user w00t, even though it's listed in the Admin Site settings as an automatic follow.... ?

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