If any of our new members feel they're in a position to bring in people in their communities, get in touch about becoming a - you can send your own invites and do admin-level tasks on this instance.

I would suggest that 150 people - Dunbar's number - would be a good initial aspiration for membership.

@Monica is our first . Monica moves and shakes the western group centred around Galway. Feel free to invite the list, Monica, welcome.

Welcome to all of our new members @Fiachra @Leaves @GrainneMhaol @Berniem @Knikkqui say hi or use

Three levels of posting (see globe icon underneath toot box) - Global and federated, appearing in the timeline. Then public but unlisted on the timeline (as with a conversation) Or finally - for the local Freegaff.club instance only and not federated.

Toots are not encrypted, so treat all posts as public, as with twitter. are working on encrypted on-server messages

Hi I'm w00t the admin user. Currently I'm @mark. Looking forward to hearing your

Use like in twitter and insta, for making threads and groups

Introduce yourself so folks can see and follow you

Welcome to FreeGaff.club - a mastadon instance hosted for a tribe of 500 people but also capable of connecting or "federating" with other tribes in other instances.

There's no techical upper limit to membership but 500 is a good number because
- research has shown that, while Dunbar's number is 150, the broader tribe or social circle numbers approximately 500.
- 500 is a manageable and affordable number for your local admin. Simple is sustainable.
- if an instance "fills up", start another.

Free Gaff - Mastodon social media instance, 500 members max, federated on ActivityPub

Free Gaff. No Spies, no ads, no bother.